The Milk Hoose

No milk in the Fridge? Come to The Milk Hoose for a top-up. Our fresh farm milk from our grass-fed herd of Corton Coos is available everyday from our fabulous and very popular vending machine! Come and give it a try! Open 7am to 7pm.

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The Milk Hoose Building

Open daily from
7am - 7pm

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Benefits of Milk

Our herd of 220 Holstein Friesian cows are grass-fed in our fields during the summer months and during the winter are fed on silage(stored grass)

They are milked twice a day in a parlour. Butterfat is on average approximately 4.2% and protein approximately 3.4%.

The milk is then batch pasteurised on the farm ( heated to 68 degrees Centigrade for 5 minutes).

It is in its purest form and the cream settles on the top. It is then chilled and put into the Milkbot.

This is dispensed in our reusable glass bottles, therefore reducing plastic waste.

Customers should go home, drink the milk, sterilise their bottle and bring it back for a re-fill.

The Coo Shed Awards